Program Highlights: Seasons

At Seasons, we strive to provide your child with the utmost, qualified care possible. Not only does our dedicated team work to make each moment of your child’s stay with us beneficial, but our comprehensive program is designed to help put your child back on a positive path that will help them overcome their challenges by including new skills into their growing lifestyle.


We understand your desire to know as much as possible about our program before sending your child to stay with us. Listed below are some of the many highlights of our program, which include:

  • Flexible and individualized treatment planning and average length of stay (4-7 weeks)
  • Weekly treatment planning sessions between parents, therapists and referring professionals
  • Students work with licensed therapists who are supervised by our Clinical Director
  • Rolling admissions allow for new students to join an established group with an existing positive peer culture
  • Intensive weekly therapy that includes individual and group therapy sessions
  • Specialty programs including equine assisted psychotherapy and learning, canine therapy and therapeutic expressive arts
  • A full battery of psychological and educational testing (optional)
  • Psychiatric assessment and medication management (optional)

In addition to the experience that your child will get when he or she is here, we have also made it possible for you as a parent to participate in the therapeutic care that we offer. At Seasons, we encourage your involvement in our Parent Program, which include features such as:

  • Online parenting resource guides
  • Three CD audio series
  • Weekly treatment planning sessions with a therapist
  • Two-day Parent Seminar
  • Multi-day Family Graduation

Our program is designed to not only help improve your child’s psychological state, but it is also geared towards helping you as a parent develop the skills necessary to provide the best care for your child after his or her stay with at Seasons. Through your support of your child as he or she makes their way through our program, both you and your child can leave Seasons with a brand new outlook on life.

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