Program Philosophy – Treatment for Troubled Teens

Most often, our children believe they are making the best decisions concerning their lives. Unfortunately, strong emotions, peer pressure, and a distorted self-image often limit a teen’s understanding of available choices and consequences, as well as development of the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

At SUWS of the Carolinas, our unique clinical treatment approach has proven to be highly effective in helping students identify their limiting emotional beliefs and destructive behavioral habits. This newfound awareness enables students to shift their focus from personal entitlement and blaming to mastering personal responsibility and practicing healthy relationship skills.

The wilderness setting functions as the catalyst that allows us to connect with students. SUWS of the Carolinas moves children out of their “emotional comfort zone” and places them in a new and challenging environment. The demands of mastering their new setting causes students to engage in their automatic behavioral habits, which allows our highly experienced therapists and counselors to positively engage them using effective therapeutic methods.

Our outdoor experience is designed to engage the deeply held passions and desire for purpose that characterize adolescence. Students are expertly guided through our experiential and hands-on curriculum, which allows them to discover their inner strengths while increasing their self-awareness and self-esteem. The program employs a “search and rescue” metaphor to teach students character development and to assist in the identification of core values and guiding principles.

At SUWS of the Carolinas, we recognize the importance of the family in the growth process. Our family component includes a four CD audio series, an online parenting resource, weekly treatment planning sessions, and a three-day parenting workshop.